Principal’s Message


Dear 100 Academy Community,

It is truly an honor and a privilege to serve as your Principal for the 2022-2023 School Year. In my time here, short as it has been, it has become evident to me that this is a community yearning for a place that their children can consider a home away from home. This is a community that, despite the hardships it has endured with the pandemic or the uncertainty of the past, is ready to look forward towards the future.

When I talk about “The New 100” some members of the community might express doubt about my commitment to that vision. “The New 100” is more than just a slogan or catchphrase. It truly represents a commitment that I have made to this community, that the 100 Academy of the 22-23 School Year will be a forward thinking, community embracing, safe, and nurturing learning environment for our students. As a Governor designated STEM school we have our sights set on becoming the premier STEM Academy for students in grades K-8 not just in Las Vegas, but in the entire state.

I humbly ask the community to embrace the vision of “The New 100.” To leave the past behind us and work together to accomplish our shared goal, to provide our students with the best education, and education they so richly deserve. I have no doubt that through some hard work, determination, and a positive attitude we will attain greatness.

Thank you for your trust and support.


Wilhelm Lapica

Interim Principal/Executive Director

100 Academy School of Engineering and Technology